End School Shootings with Safee Kids

Even if you don’t have children in school, you should be concerned about ending school shootings and violence. These events can change many lives in the blink of an eye. Kids shouldn’t be worried when they go to school. Parents should be afraid about what can happen while they are there.

Yet the number of active shooter incidents continues to weigh heavy on everyone’s minds. The number of people hurt and killed due to such senseless acts is out of control. The answer isn’t to ban all weapons. Those that want to commit violent acts find a way, but there are measures to be taken that will make it increasingly difficult.

Often, there were early warning signs by their behavior, but they didn’t get reported. In many scenarios, there wasn’t any plan of action for prevention or to be proactive in place. As a result, such environments are at the mercy of the shooter should something develop. Working as a community to end such an outcome is something all should take a stand for. Safee Kids has set out to do just that and shooter preparedness is a key factor.

Change the Way Violence is Covered

It is unfortunate the way in which the media covers such events. Sadly, the names of such active shooters are often remembered far longer than those who were victims. It is time for the media to focus on the intervention, prevention, and the attacks being stopped. They shouldn’t be sharing the name or picture all over. This is because the motivation behind it may be to get their 5 minutes of fame.

Stricter Laws for Firearms

When someone is involved in a active shooter incidents, there needs to be harsh consequences. This sends a powerful message to others that such behavior won’t be tolerated. There also needs to be consequences for those who illegally sell firearms to those that use them in school shootings. This includes when parents or other gun owners are negligent about locking them up so they can’t be accessed without permission.

Online Active Shooter Training with Safee Kids

A team of individuals from the school and the community need to work as a unit. Safee Kids will develop a concrete plan of action for each school. This takes into account the entry and exit points, the age of the students that attend there, and other variables. A unique plan is very important to ensure it can be executed successfully. What will work well for one building isn’t going to work well for the next.

Law enforcement and first responders need to know the plan for each school in that area. Should there a report of an active shooter event, they can respond assertively and timely. Their swift action can significantly reduce the impact of such a situation. It can mean the difference between it being controlled immediately or it being chaos and a mass shooting.

Security and Resources

Schools often worry about money for operation costs and student needs. There may be community businesses willing to donate resources and supplies. This can include heavy duty doors, locks, security cameras, communication devices, and more. Parents and other community members can volunteer time to get it all installed and set up correctly.

Empowering Educators and Individuals

Teachers and offices need to have resources to help them. They often deal with difficult students, but don’t have adequate help to combat issues or red flags. They may report it to the principal or the school counselor, but that has to be followed through with. Outside resources including social services and others need to be in the mix to assist them with an action plan to take care of any issues early on.

Parents don’t always take an active role when children are acting out in a school environment. In fact, in many of these issues, the parents are an underlying reason why the child is going through the scenarios they are. This isn’t to say parents are to blame when their child takes part in school shooting violence, but it does mean parents need to work with staff and law enforcement when issues are brought to their attention. By using online active shooter training, it can enforce and empower educators, security and individual students to secure, confident and prepared by knowing the warning signs and what to do if an emergency situation was to occur.

Proper Action for Troubled Students

Too many people involved in active shootings have fallen through the cracks. There were telling signs of anger, mental health concerns, or even them being bullied. Offering more assistance to those that need help is encouraged. This can be a powerful tool in the advocacy to help stop the occurrence of school shootings.