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Fact You May Not Know About Pot Seeds

There are quite a few facts about pot seeds that you may not know. The more awareness you have of the basics, the easier it is for you to finalize your decisions about what to buy and what to grow. While there is a great deal of diversity among the strains of pot seeds, there are some basic informational elements that stretch across the board.

You can typically buy the best pot seeds from cannabis shops or seed banks. It is important to get started with something that will grow well and product the volume of THC you need. Then you can harvest your own seeds from the plants and not have to buy them for future cycles of crops. If you start to run low on the pot seeds, you can buy more to rejuvenate your supply.

Genetics play a valuable role with various strains of pot seeds. This is where the hybrid products come into the picture. Hybrids are a combination of the best assets two strains can offer. They are genetically engineered in a lab. Such pot seeds will cost more due to the processing but they can offer you a better flavor, high, and overall experience. Keep in mind though hybrid pot seeds can prove to be more difficult when it comes to creating plants that thrive.

Regardless of how good your pot seeds are, nothing is going to materialize from them if you aren't precise with your germination process. Take the time to learn all about it and how it pertains to the type of cannabis plants you wish to create. Typically, you can expect about a 90% germination rate with seeds you buy from a seed bank or cannabis store. With that in mind, plant a few extra just in case.

Soaking the seeds well with layers of paper towels that are moist is a great way to help encourage the germination process. Once the root of the plant is starting to show, you can plant the seeds into pots with soil. You will have to decide if you would like to use Indica or Sativa pot seeds (unless you go with a hybrid that could be combo of both). For a sedated type of high consider the Indica choices. For an euphoric experience, consider a Sativa choice.

When stored in a cool, dry location, pot seeds can be stored for several years. They will still deliver quality plants when you do decide to plant them. Use airtight containers for the best storage results. You can also use cannabis seeds to make the best quality hemp oil. It can be far less expensive to make your own than to buy it.

It is a good idea to go with feminized pot seeds when you buy them to ensure your plants will be females. They are the ones that offer THC and that allow you to gather seeds so you can continue the planting cycle in the future. Once you have a winning outcome for the growth of the plants with a strain of cannabis you like, it is a good idea to continue with that. If you aren't content with it, shop around and try something else. Get Seed Flavors from Marijuana. You have read, Fact You May Not Know About Pot Seeds.
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