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The Lockbox With Your Pot Seed Plants

There are both male and female pot seed plants. You need to know before you buy the seeds though so you are able to have your own seeds you can continue to plant. Most of the time, you have a 50/50 chance that it will be male or female. The exception is when they are feminized pot seeds. Then you have a 99% chance they will be female.

Female plants must be fertilized by a male plant in order for the seeds to be produced. When a plant is self-flowering though, then it doesn't need the other component. This is why individuals who grow their own cannabis want to start with pot seeds or plants that are female. If you get plants that are mixed, you will have to weed them out. After you know what they are, you can remove the male plants and only harvest from the female plants.

There are various indicators to help you identify female cannabis plants. They tend to look significantly healthier than the males. When you see marijuana plants that are close to each other, it is easy enough to compare them. The females will also have significantly more branches than the males.

Take a look at the leaf axils to determine if you have a male or female plant. Females have very thin hairs that are offered. The males don't feature this at all. The start of the flowering stage is also a common time to be able to identify the hairs. It will grow along the edges of the branches, where the flowers are going to grow.

As mentioned, the male cannabis plants don't look as healthy as the females. They grow about the same height, but they aren't going to develop hardly any branches. They don't have a full, rich look to them. They may have leaves, but they will pale in comparison to the number of leaves on the female plants.

The best practice is to destroy the male plants as soon as you identify them as such. This way, they won't be vying for the food sources, water sources, and lighting sources offered. It will leave more of these resources for your female plants to be able to use and thrive.

As you can see from all of this information, your best course of action is to only buy female pot seeds. It will save you time and energy trying to separate them. It will also help you to get the largest possible yield of THC from the plants you have grown.

Ask questions if you aren't sure before you buy any pot seeds. If you are firm about getting only female ones, make sure you let that information be known. Take the time to ask questions and to fully talk to the person selling them. If you are buying online, ask questions and wait for a replay through chat or email. The female plants are going to help you to get the THC you want! Get Lockbox Seeds from Marijuana. You have read, The Lockbox With Your Pot Seed Plants.
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