End School Shootings with Safee Kids

Even if you don’t have children in school, you should be concerned about ending school shootings and violence. These events can change many lives in the blink of an eye. Kids shouldn’t be worried when they go to school. Parents should be afraid about what can happen while they are there.

Yet the number of active shooter incidents continues to weigh heavy on everyone’s minds. The number of people hurt and killed due to such senseless acts is out of control. The answer isn’t to ban all weapons. Those that want to commit violent acts find a way, but there are measures to be taken that will make it increasingly difficult.

Often, there were early warning signs by their behavior, but they didn’t get reported. In many scenarios, there wasn’t any plan of action for prevention or to be proactive in place. As a result, such environments are at the mercy of the shooter should something develop. Working as a community to end such an outcome is something all should take a stand for. Safee Kids has set out to do just that and shooter preparedness is a key factor.

Change the Way Violence is Covered

It is unfortunate the way in which the media covers such events. Sadly, the names of such active shooters are often remembered far longer than those who were victims. It is time for the media to focus on the intervention, prevention, and the attacks being stopped. They shouldn’t be sharing the name or picture all over. This is because the motivation behind it may be to get their 5 minutes of fame.

Stricter Laws for Firearms

When someone is involved in a active shooter incidents, there needs to be harsh consequences. This sends a powerful message to others that such behavior won’t be tolerated. There also needs to be consequences for those who illegally sell firearms to those that use them in school shootings. This includes when parents or other gun owners are negligent about locking them up so they can’t be accessed without permission.

Online Active Shooter Training with Safee Kids

A team of individuals from the school and the community need to work as a unit. Safee Kids will develop a concrete plan of action for each school. This takes into account the entry and exit points, the age of the students that attend there, and other variables. A unique plan is very important to ensure it can be executed successfully. What will work well for one building isn’t going to work well for the next.

Law enforcement and first responders need to know the plan for each school in that area. Should there a report of an active shooter event, they can respond assertively and timely. Their swift action can significantly reduce the impact of such a situation. It can mean the difference between it being controlled immediately or it being chaos and a mass shooting.

Security and Resources

Schools often worry about money for operation costs and student needs. There may be community businesses willing to donate resources and supplies. This can include heavy duty doors, locks, security cameras, communication devices, and more. Parents and other community members can volunteer time to get it all installed and set up correctly.

Empowering Educators and Individuals

Teachers and offices need to have resources to help them. They often deal with difficult students, but don’t have adequate help to combat issues or red flags. They may report it to the principal or the school counselor, but that has to be followed through with. Outside resources including social services and others need to be in the mix to assist them with an action plan to take care of any issues early on.

Parents don’t always take an active role when children are acting out in a school environment. In fact, in many of these issues, the parents are an underlying reason why the child is going through the scenarios they are. This isn’t to say parents are to blame when their child takes part in school shooting violence, but it does mean parents need to work with staff and law enforcement when issues are brought to their attention. By using online active shooter training, it can enforce and empower educators, security and individual students to secure, confident and prepared by knowing the warning signs and what to do if an emergency situation was to occur.

Proper Action for Troubled Students

Too many people involved in active shootings have fallen through the cracks. There were telling signs of anger, mental health concerns, or even them being bullied. Offering more assistance to those that need help is encouraged. This can be a powerful tool in the advocacy to help stop the occurrence of school shootings.

Seeing Anthony Marsh DO to Improve your Life

There are some unexpected ways in which seeing a chiropractor in New Jersey is able to help you improve your life. Your specific reasons for seeking this form of treatment can be very different from the next person. Often, someone will go in for pain or other specific needs. However, it doesn’t take long for them to see the value and how it carries over into other benefits for them too.

It is important to focus on your overall well-being. A good quality of life isn’t something you can put a price tag on. Being able to feel your best, eliminate or reduce your use of medication, and to avoid surgery are all encouraging. Such an outcome can be the result of routine chiropractic care and services from Dr. Anthony Marsh medical doctor.

Better Mood

Your mood and mindset can influence your entire day. It can affect your personal and professional relationships. Don’t underestimate the value of scheduling an appointment with Anthony Marsh DO for chiropractic care for your mental well-being. When you deal with chronic pain, you may suffer from irritability and depression. As the pain is reduced or eliminated, such symptoms can be reduced.

Getting the body back in balance is important so it can be in sync with the brain. The manipulation of the spine can create that nature balance. As a result, the brain may produce more of the positive chemicals that influence mood. This can help you to feel happier and to have a brighter outlook than you did before.

Some individuals trying to control ADD or ADHD find seeing a qualified chiropractor like Dr. Anthony Marsh on a regular basis can help them to feel more relaxed. It can be a technique they rely on rather than medications to help them with controlling and regulating them behaviors.

Boost the Immune System

Do all you can to stay feeling great! Yet this can be hard to do when you are surrounded by germs and viruses in the air you breathe. A strong immune system is necessary to fight off such ailments before they can get the best of you. Recovering from a health issue can take time, and that can make it hard for your immune system to keep up. A good chiropractor like Anthony Marsh DO will be able to guide you into healthier eating options, so you stay strong and sick free, year round!

Receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Anthony Marsh West New York does play a role in boosting that immune system. It can give you some additional layers of defense so you don’t get the common cold or the flu. It can also lower your risk of serious health problems including various types of cancers.

Improve Posture

Poor posture is going to cause more harm than you realize. It is going to take a toll on your spine. It puts pressure on your nervous system that can result in chronic pain. It can also cause the spine to curve in places, and that can be permanent if it isn’t addressed timely. Such problems often stem from using devices such as computes and smart phones for prolonged periods of time.

There are studies that show regular chiropractic treatment can assist with this. It can help to get the spine and neck back into alignment. It can also help to improve overall posture and to reduce or eliminate that pain. However, you should also take care to ensure your work and home environments allow you the best posture. Sit up straight and use an ergonomic set up for your desk.  

Reduce Stress

While everyone has stress at some time, you can’t do well when it is around you all the time. That weight is going to cause some physical pain for you. The tension builds up around the neck, shoulders, and the back. The pain from it can make it hard to focus on much else. You may be irritable and sluggish because of it.

Through Dr. Anthony Marsh chiropractor, you can feel that stress slipping away. As they manipulate the nervous system, your body will have a positive response. When the spine isn’t properly aligned, it can cause both mental and physical stressors to be escalated. Getting your body adjusted and taking steps to reduce stress will help you to feel your very best day after day!

Sleep Well

A lack of quality sleep is common, but that doesn’t mean you should just accept it. Your goal should be to get enough sleep for your body and mind to fully rest. At the same time, you need to ensure you can sleep well. It doesn’t do you any good to spend hours in bed if you frequently toss and turn.

A lack of sleep due to pain and stress is common. You don’t want to rely on sleep aids to help you get the rest you are after. It can be hard to wake up not feeling groggy after such medications too. Plus, your body can build up immunity, and then you will need to take more and more of it to get a good night of sleep.

Anthony Marsh DC can reduce pain and stress, allowing a person to fall asleep in less time. This also enables them to sleep well through the night. As a result, they can wake up well rested and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Common Characteristics of Highly Successful People

It may seem like some people are successful in all they do. Yet you behind the scenes, they have earned it! They aren’t getting by on luck, they have a solid plan of action and it works for them. There are some common characteristics of highly successful people. While your goals may be different from theirs, integrating such characteristics into your own life can help you see good things coming your way!

You can’t give up when you want something; you have to work for it. You need a plan, and sometimes, you have to modify that plan when you find roadblocks in your path. It does take time to be successful in all you do, but you may find others are in awe of all you do and all you accomplish!

Big Goals!

If you want to reach your big goals, you have to reach for the sky! You have to think outside of the box. Rather than focusing on the risk of failure, think about how you can accomplish all you have set out to. This isn’t always easy, but the most difficult roads can often lead to the best outcomes. Don’t put your dreams aside to accept what others feel is the norm. Don’t give up your dream in order to do something much easier. Set your sights high, be ambitious, and create a plan of action to get results.

Find your Passion

When you love what you do, it is something you give yourself fully to. You make the commitment on all levels. You look for solutions and you strive to get the best possible outcome. You have fun and you enjoy the process involved. The hard work won’t seem so difficult when you really do love what you are after. When you hate what you are involved with, you just can’t commit to it. The time is going to seem like eternity and you will be easily distracted.

Find the Balance

All of your time can’t be committed to work. Too much time for fun though means your work can suffer. Your goals can be placed on a backburner. You have to find the balance. There is a time to work hard and a time to enjoy your free time. Carve out time to enjoy your hobbies, to spend with your loved ones, and to focus on your overall well-being. The amount of money you make or your title doesn’t equate into success.

You need a strong feeling of personal satisfaction. You need to feel fulfilled both personally and professionally. A night out with friends or a date with your significant other can help you to feel rejuvenated at work.

Failure is going to Happen

Too often, people hold back because they are afraid of being wrong. They worry about failure, so they never even give it a try. If you don’t try, you have already failed and you will have plenty of regrets down the line. When you look at the success of some of most widely known individuals, they had plenty of failures before they were successful.

A failure can be a great opportunity to learn. It can help you to modify your original plan of action. Don’t be afraid to get up and try again. Each effort can get you closer and closer to your ultimate goals.

Focus on Success

You have to be patient if you want to be successful. It isn’t going to happen overnight. However, you should have a positive mindset and focus on being successful. You should evaluate what you have accomplished, not how much more you have to go. A good option is to break down larger goals into smaller ones. As you complete each stepping stone along the way, you can be motivated by that progress.

Take Action

You can talk about your dreams all day long or you can start to make them reality! Taking action is key if you want to be successful. You have to take that first step and you need a good plan of action on place. Don’t say someday; assign timeframes to reaching certain sectors of your ultimate goal. While your timeframes need to be realistic, they should challenge you too.

Be Selective in your Battles

Successful people don’t have time to argue with others over all the details. They choose their battles wisely. They give their input, but also respect the input and opinions of others. Take a stand when you feel you must, but if you get tangled up emotionally in everything around you it is draining. Do your best to create good relationships with others. Be friendly and true to your word.

Try Something New

Never hold back when you have the opportunity to try something new. It can be fun, it can be educational, and it can create memories you will never forget. It can pave the way for you to go down a brand new path. Perhaps it will be a foundation you build something upon down the road. Don’t let those opportunities slip through your fingers due to fear.

You may not do things the way the majority of people do, but that doesn’t mean you are wrong. The world needs unique and creative individuals. It needs people willing to stand apart from the crowd and take a chance.

Envision your Success

Spend some time each day envisioning your success! Focus on what it looks like, what it smells like, where it takes you, and how you feel. This can help you continue to feel motivated to make that dream a reality. Surround yourself with people who support your dreams and encourage you to continue striving towards them.

Mental Attitude

Negative thoughts are toxic, and they will hold you back. Focus on being positive as there is always something to be thankful for. Rather than focusing on problems and defeat, focus on opportunities and solutions. The right mindset can help you to continue your quest. If you get discouraged, it will hold you back.

Work for it

Nothing is guaranteed, and most successful people have had to work hard for it. Often, they have had times in their lives when they had very little. It has made them more appreciative and more thoughtful. You will enjoy your success more when you had to put in some hard work to achieve it.

Trust your Gut

Not all solutions are the result of a formula. Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut and go with it. This may seem unorthodox, but allow your curiosity to drive your desire to try something out of the ordinary. Take a path you normally wouldn’t and see where it leads you. However, trusting your gut is far different than making impulsive decisions.